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Our Hunts

Whitetail Deer Rifle Hunt 10 DAY $8000.00 USD

Whitetail Deer Bow Hunt 6 DAY $4500.00 USD

Mule Deer Bow Hunt 6 DAY $4500.00 USD

All prices include accommodations, food, licenses, tag fees, and GST.

White Tail Deer Hunts

Our white tail hunts you will be mainly hunting from heated stands or blinds. Hunting the deep bush, fields and fringe areas where we will take you by truck. we have many different antler genetics here from the wide typical’s, high basket racks to the out right gnarly.  Most of the hunting takes place on our 6,000 acre ranch, our deer are low pressure, there are deer here that come out of the woodwork I’m sure have never seen people before.

We aim to harvest mature bucks and do so on a regular basis. The oldest deer we’ve taken was 11 years old according to the biologists when we sent the jawbone to them. What we ask of our hunters is to hold out for book deer, they are here, with that being said if you see a deer that you consider a trophy take it. The potential for 200 inch class deer is a reality and keeps the fire stoked in the hearts of our return clients.

Timber Wolf Hunts

Wolf hunts are conducted out of both elevated stands and ground blinds (both options come heated). Hunts are most often conducted over baits or by hunting travel zones heavily used by wolves. Another highly successful method we use is predator calling. Wolf hunting is one of the most challenging, unique, rewarding, and adrenaline filled activities we offer. It is not uncommon to encounter single wolves, pairs or even packs.


Timber Wolf Hunt 6 DAY $4500.00 USD

All prices include accommodations, food, licenses, tag fees, and GST.

Black Bear Hunt 6 DAY $4500.00 USD

All prices include accommodations, food, licenses, tag fees, and GST.

Black Bear Hunts

Our season in Northern Alberta for spring bear hunts occur April 1st to June 15. Deer River Outfitters specifically target hunts in mid May or earlier.  We pride ourselves in our wildlife management that has been developed specifically for this area over the past 36 years. We fully believe in harvesting boars prior to mating; this allows sows to eat and thus eliminates some of the more unwanted male competition.  The hunts occur over bait sites.  All of our stands can facilitate both archery and rifle hunters. The area inhabits large black bears that would rival some of the bears on the BC coast. Furthermore our bears have some of the more unique markings as well as some of the more rare color phases of bear (cinnamon, chocolate, and blonde).

Spring: Spring hunts take place early to mid May over bait sites. Hunts are conducted from stands which are situated from 25 to 75 yards accommodating both archery and rifle hunters.

Fall: During fall we utilize a variety of hunting techniques for bear including: hunting agriculture fields, utilizing predator calls, or my personal favorite spot and stock. At this time of the year bears are typically at their largest and have the shiniest, and highest quality coats they will obtain. The true value of a fall hunt for bear is it can be part of a personalized combination hunt. Options include wolf, moose, deer, and birds.

Trophy Moose Hunts

On our moose hunts we target the rut season, it is a physically demanding hunt as we generally use atv’s or walking to get to where they call home. we will find where they are at and set up to call them out. there are several main travel areas that have proven successful hunting from tree stands for the hunters where physically demanding is not your criteria.

Trophy Moose Hunt 10 DAY $10,000.00 USD

All prices include accommodations, food, licenses, tag fees, and GST.

Combo Hunts

Combo hunts are also available, please contact us for further details.